We are the Professionals.
The nature of housing is what we have in mind.
The “residential area” is one of the main consideration in selecting homes. Therefore, the local communities, aspirations, proximity to workplaces and schools, the educational environments, pet friendliness, and the distance to the nearest station, etc. are all home searchers’ concerns.
We explore for the diamonds in the rough - condominiums in the areas of your dreams; breathing new life of Designer’s Renovation into our mission to resell lots and reconstruct housings to form ones’ “final abodes;” which are said to be the stock of our society. Despite the ages of the buildings, they are perfectly taken care of; as you may well call them “Vintage Houses.” The advantage of our customers is simple: Affordable rents in the areas of their dreams!
We pride ourselves in pursuing the real nature of housing, and earnestly serving to fulfill our customers’ dreams; which purposes are on the base of our development. This is our image of working as true professionals.

CEO Akira Kanai