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The main current of the real estate markets in the western countries is pre-owned houses. This derives from their fundamental ideas of enhancing the value of residences throughout the generations.

Old, Creaky, and Dirty aren’t synonyms. There are plentiful pre-owned houses in Japan that are diamonds in the rough. They are certainly “Vintage Houses”, or antique masterpieces.

Our aim is to excavate the rough diamonds in the residential areas of our customers’ dreams.
Our “Renovation” breathes new lives into the housings we offer; which will surely become “the stock of our society.”

1. Narrowing Down the Target Areas
Convenience, educational environment, shopping environment, refinement, and popular locations; considering all of the aspects, we pick out only the key areas that will fulfill our customers’ wishes for sure.

2. Narrowing Down the Target Houses
Among the condominiums located in those key areas, we only select out the ones that are perfectly taken care of. Our targets are the houses with high management level, which derives naturally from the sense of the residents to wanting to live there forever. Which enables them to carefully self-manage their housings.

3. Narrowing Down the Target Values
Scenery, corner rooms, private gardens, parking lot, trunk rooms, etc. - Added values are essential in our selection.

1. Renovating the Functionality
To ensure our customers’ satisfaction of their new livings, we have made renovations on several points such as the water circulation including the drainpipe, damp-proofing; and higher quality of sound insulation.

2. Why Choose Us?
Among most new condominiums tend to being monotonous, we differentiate ourselves in adding special adornments to every single houses. One unique and special element, such as a one-point decoration of mosaic tiles, an original kitchen made of marble and wood, New York-style bathroom, or illumination for the private garden, etc. can really make a drastic difference to the atmosphere of space.

1. Low Costs
The largest pro of Renovation Lot-selling is its low costs compared to building new houses. Our aim is “to provide affordable rents in areas of our customer’ requests.” We offer lower rents, compared to newly built house rents, at all times.

2. Housing Loans
To obtain our customers’ satisfaction, we suggest housing loans that fit each customer’s status.

We are a profit-earning real estate firm, and a developer/producer of residences for end-users; exit strategies (investors’ network) clarified.
We mainly develop residences in Tokyo (the Metropolitan area), and Osaka (Kinki area).